Online Lectures – Beyond the Lockdown…

I began giving lectures online shortly after the current lockdown began, initially as part of the wonderful EES series, and have been doing so independently since.

Screenshot 2020-04-20 at 16.30.12
Title slide for the second of my online talks, on the period ‘After Akhenaten’. almost 700 people registered for the three performances of this one.

I had initially thought they would provide a welcome distraction for me, and perhaps a few others if anyone was interested in listening in, but they’ve proven to be much more successful than I could have imagined. Lots of people have been in touch to say how much they have enjoyed them, and to ask if they will continue after the lockdown. I hadn’t thought that far ahead… One benefit of doing things online is that they’re accessible to anyone with an internet connection, regardless of where in the world they are, which is far more people than could ordinarily travel to lectures on ancient Egypt. So I can reach more people online than I could via traditional lectures. I can also direct people straight to other resources online – things they can read if they want to take their interest further etc. (see, for example, the page of links relating to my talk on ‘People at Amarna’) Ironically, despite the fact that participants in an online lecture are separated from one another, sometimes by thousands of miles – I have been amazed at the number of countries and cities represented by people joining in! – there is a strong sense of togetherness and even community beginning to form, now that attending such talks has become regular event for many. It had never occurred to me how enjoyable it would be to be in touch with some many people in so many places, some near to me in London, some very far away, some familiar to me, others not. To be able to chat to people all of whom share a passion for Egyptology, before and after the lectures, whether it’s about the weather where they are are or where I am, or on the true identity of pharaoh Neferneferuaten, it’s been a joy, and I see no reason why it would not continue to be as enjoyable even after we are all allowed out again.

So, I’m now hoping to be able to carry on with the lectures, and a few other activities online, whether we’re in lockdown or not. In order to ensure I can cover the costs of my Zoom subscription (and my time!) there will be a small charge to attend some of the lectures in future. I’m not doing this to make a fortune, I just want to be able to carry on doing what I’m doing. I hope charging won’t put too many people off and that some of you at least will still want to join me for the next few talks. The details are here; I’ll be updating the page regularly as I’m ready to add new topics and dates.

Screenshot 2020-05-15 at 18.59.53
Next online lecture: SEARCHING FOR IMHOTEP (3 and 8 June)

Thanks for reading this, thanks to all of you who have joined the talks so far, and an especially big thank you to those who have made contributions via the ‘Support my work’ page – I’ve been really touched and encouraged by the response to this, and determined to find a way of carrying on my online activities. I hope to see you at another talk soon, or elsewhere online!

Very best wishes, stay safe and well,

9 thoughts on “Online Lectures – Beyond the Lockdown…

  1. Linda

    You’re helping to make life interesting for us and we really appreciate this. I’ve been spurred into enrolling in Swansea’s funerary lectures starting next week. I haven’t formally studied for over 40 years, so this is a big step for me!

  2. Erika Trueman

    I was very interested in hearing you talk today about the possibility of giving online courses; you mentioned perhaps 10 sessions on one particular topic. I would be very interested in that and would love to hear more.

    1. Thanks very much for your thoughts Erika, I am beginning to make plans for the lectures over the next few months and will post details of any series / courses, as soon as I have them! Thanks for your support, I hope to see you – virtually! – soon!

  3. Andy Jardine

    Registering for your Imhotep lecture was so easy. Looking forward to it.
    These online lectures have been a lifeline during the lockdown and are surely the way forward. The world wide reach with the online format is phenomenal!

    1. Hi Andy, Great to know thanks! Yes, I think online lectures may be the way forward, and certainly the way to reach a global audience. Watch this space for more, and see you at the ‘Imhotep’ talk!

  4. Ann Isenberg

    Thank you for another fantastic lecture today on Imhotep. Informative and highly engaging. I like the fact you introduce lots of different data points to help contextualise your points.

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