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My NEW book, Egyptologists’ Notebooks will be published on 1 October 2020 and is available for pre-order now via or Blackwells in the UK, and in the US.

Lost Tombs & Notebooks COMPOSITE 200dpi

My first book, Searching for the Lost Tombs of Egypt was published by Thames & Hudson in October 2018 and is available via Amazon or from your local bookshop.

My previous academic research has mostly focused on two things:

1) The history of archaeology in Egypt and of Egyptology in general, with particular regard to the work of the Egypt Exploration Society.

2) The Egyptian Twenty-fifth Dynasty, and the effect of the various ‘regime changes’ and foreign influences before during and after it.

I’ve tried to make as much of my academic research including my PhD thesis on ‘Regime Change and The Administration of Thebes During The Twenty-fifth Dynasty’ available online via

3 thoughts on “Books etc

  1. Anne-Marie Pope

    Hello Chris – Greetings from Australia
    I am heading back to Egypt next week for back to back tours (AWT Abydos Explorer & BSS in Egypt 2018) and wondering how to pass the time on a VERY long flight from Australia to Egypt.

    Salvation arrives with a copy of your book, which appeared in my mailbox today.

    Very much looking forward to reading the book after spending time with you on the AWT Missing Tombs last March.



    1. Hi Anne-Marie, Lovely to hear from you! Great to know you’ll be back in Egypt with AWT and BSS soon and also that you’ve got the book! Hope you enjoy it and that it might even bring back a few happy memories. Safe travels!

      1. Anne-Marie Pope

        Hi Chris,
        I’m sure I will enjoy the book.
        Very much looking forward to returning to Egypt as well.
        Take care. 😊

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