Cleopatra Tells All!

My new book for kids, Cleopatra Tells All! was published by Thames and Hudson on 2 June 2022 and is now available via or, if you’d like to support independent bookshops, In the US you’ll find it on or in your local bookstore via It’ll also be widely available internationally.

From the publisher: ‘In this hilarious and revealing tell-all, the politically savvy, multilingual, cosmopolitan ruler of Alexandria, Cleopatra, reveals herself to be the world’s first influencer. 

Finally able to tell her own version of events, she will have readers reeling at the remarkable skill with which she raised an army of mercenaries to counter her bullying brother and secure the support of two of the world’s most powerful men – Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.

Chris Naunton’s expert text is accompanied by Guilherme Karsten’s illustrations, which give the ancient Egyptian queen a relatable, modern make-over. Witty, contemporary and full of sass, this is Cleopatra #nofilter.’

From Cleopatra herself:

‘YO PEOPLE! Cleopatra here, yes, *THE* Cleopatra. Did you see that book King Tutankhamun Tells All!? About his life and everything? I was like, WHAT? OK he was pharaoh, and I was pharaoh, but he lived AGES ago, more than a thousand years before me, and what did he do? HARDLY ANYTHING! He was just a kid when he was king, he only got married once, he had no children. AND people only know about him because Howard Carter found his tomb, and because of PURE LUCK it was never robbed and still had all his treasures in. Lucky him… WHAT ABOUT ME? I was world famous when I was alive and I’ve been famous ever since because my story is so interesting. Crazy family, always fighting, tricky relations with Rome, two husbands, half a dozen children, a couple of wars. This is a proper story! And actually, after everyone else has had a go at telling it – Plutarch, Suetonius, William Shakespeare, those Hollywood people – I thought if Tutankhamun can have a book about his life and what happened afterwards then I definitely can. So I told that Dr Chris and the artist Mr Karsten (I did actually think the drawings in Tutankhamun’s book were BRILLIANT) to #makeithappen. And here it is! CLEOPATRA TELLS ALL! The definitive, GREATEST STORY of ALL TIME. By me!

Hope you like it 😉