King Tutankhamun Tells All!

I’m very pleased to announce that I have finally published a book about the boy-king. Not one for specialists however but for younger Egyptologists 🙂

King Tutankhamun Tells All! was published by Thames and Hudson on 3 June 2021 and is available via and in the UK, Bookshop and in the US, and in lots of other places internationally.

I’ve often been struck, particularly when standing in the presence of Tutankhamun’s mummy, that he might not be that happy about people like me explaining what we think happened during his life and death for the TV cameras etc. What would I know? Well, this is the teenage king’s chance to give his side of the story – a slightly irreverent look at the life and death of a famous pharaoh, but with plenty of references to the evidence for know-alls to spot, accompanied throughout by brilliant and witty illustrations by Guilherme Karsten.

I can’t wait to see it myself and if there are any aspiring archaeologists or Egyptologists in your lives perhaps you could think about getting them a copy!

To celebrate the launch Thames & Hudson have produced two fun-filled activity sheets inspired by the book. Go forth and download them here!