Chris at rock tomb

2 thoughts on “Chris at rock tomb

  1. hello,
    I am sorry but I am very bad at writing to strangers, too shy and in my field I don’t have to do that
    people come to me, very practical 🙂

    but saw that there is a film about amarna and I’d love to see it, if possible

    I am a painter and was born in cairo, if you’ll google my name it will show my work or at saatchi

    long ago wanted to become an egyptologist but painting, somehow, won
    I know that you must receive hundreds if not thousands of silly emails just like mine
    cope with me
    I think that I love nothing more than egypt and leaving it was heart breaking
    and for 10 years I did teach art, at the leonardo da vinci art institute
    it shut down long ago, now it’s the italian consulate
    sorry, I digress but, told you that I am shy so to overcome that, talk far too much

    if the worst comes to the worst, you won’t answer and I’ll survive
    but if you do answer… that will be great
    thank you for sparing time to read this
    wish you all the best in whatever you do

    lambro vassiliadis

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