Working with not-for-profits

In October 2016 I was appointed Director of the Robert Anderson Research Charitable Trust, a charity that offers postgraduate students and visiting academic staff accommodation and financial support for short periods of intensive research in London.

I am also a member of the Supervisory Board and company director of the British Egyptian Society, and a Trustee of the New Hermopolis Trust.

Finally, I’m also a postgraduate mentor for the University of Birmingham (see here).

Previously, I was Director (CEO) of the Egypt Exploration Society from January 2012 to October 2016. I had worked for the organisation in various capacities since 2001, and altogether spent almost 16 years there – almost my entire working life to that point! – before eventually leaving to concentrate on my freelance work. I was also elected President of the International Association of Egyptologists (IAE) in 2015, a position I held for four years stepping down in 2019.

One thought on “Working with not-for-profits

  1. Ralf Eschner FCD

    Hi Chris I am a member oft the egyptian Museum in Berlin since years passive oft course and did a lot oft backpacking in egypt though to dangerous now!Hope the Situation will be better soon! Thanks for Your Nefertiti special (german translation was not so pretty hahaha) All the best Ralf

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