Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to visit a lot of archaeological sites, many of them off the beaten track, in Egypt, Sudan, and I’ve taken a lot of photos along the way. These days I post most of the best ones to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and a selection of older ones are below.

In case it’s of interest there are also a few (old) photos of me here.

Pharaoh in the Suburbs. A few shots from the shoot for ‘THE PHARAOH IN THE SUBURBS’ which was broadcast in the US on the Smithsonian Channel in October 2018. More info and clips here:

2017-12-17 15.14.48

Tut’s Treasures. A few images from the shoot for the 2018 series ‘Tut’s Treasures’ Now airing on SBS in Australia, National Geographic in the US, and on Channel 5 in the UK starting on Sat 24 March.

2017-09-16 17.58.17

Egyptology in Egypt: a ‘familiarisation’ tour for UK students. In Spring 2016 The Egypt Exploration Society invited three UK-based postgraduate students to Egypt to pursue a programme of visits to a variety of archaeological sites, museums and other institutions, as an introduction to professional Egyptology.


King Tut’s Tomb: The Hidden Chamber / Lost City of the Pharaohs. Location filming for two episodes in the Ancient Mysteries series for Channel 5 (UK), The Smithsonian (US) and BBC Worldwide (rest of the Universe).

DSC_0457 ED 300px

Egypt October/November 2015. EES business, site visits, seeing friends before a little bit of filming.

DSC_0312 ED 300px

#myEESpic. A selection of images to represent the Egypt Exploration Society in the 21t Century.

DSC_0235 ED

Dahshur 9 June 2015. Some photos from a visit Hazel Gray, Essam Nagy and I made to Dahshur to see 2014 EES Scholar Mohamed Youssef Aly, Chief Inspector of Antiquities at the site.

DSC_0033 EDbis

Taposiris Magna, April & May 2015. Two trips, the first with my EES colleague Essam Nagy, and then again a few weeks later to do a little bit of filming for ‘Cleopatra’s Lost Tomb’.

DSC_0309 3000px

Alexandria 28 April 2015. A recent visit to Alexandria with Essam Nagy on EES business & for a spot more tomb-hunting…

DSC_0177 ED 2500px

Saqqara 6 April 2015. In search of Bryan Emery and a few Archaic mastabas in aid of a book I’m trying to write at the moment. All will be revealed in due course…

DSC_0206 ED 1024px

Egypt March/April 2015. Egypt on business for The Egypt Exploration Society. Visiting projects in the field at Tell Mutubis, Tell Basta and Quesna etc.

2015-03-30 17.50.08 HDR

Egypt November 2014. Giza, New Hermopolis, Coptic Cairo, Karnak etc.

DSC_0920 ED 1024px

The Mummy of Seqenenre Tao. A very brief visit to Egypt to film some sequences for a new documentary about the mummy of Seqenenre Tao (‘Mummies Alive: The Pharaoh’s Secret’ – more on this here)


Egypt June 2014. Interviewing candidates for the 2014 EES scholarships, meetings, site visits (Gran Egyptian Museum, Amarna, South Asasif, Minsha) and my first moulid (Abu El-Hagag, Luxor). Fabulous, as usual.


EES Tour of the Deserts & Oases. A tour of the Egyptian western deserts and oases in February and March 2014. Numerous rarely visited archaeological sites, some utterly stunning landscapes, and a new favourite way to travel: up and down sand dunes in a 4×4.


Tutankhamun: Secret of the Burnt Mummy. A few photos from the shoot for our Tutankhamun film (more on this here).


Egypt May 2013. A short visit, mostly for serious business for the EES, but with a few visits to photogenic sites (Saqqara, Luxor) thrown in for good measure!


EES / AWT Tour of Upper Egypt 2012.


8 Days in Egypt. Eight all-too-brief but fabulously useful, interesting and exciting days in Egypt – my first visit to the country as EES Director.


Graffiti by Tahrir. Images of the post-revolutionary graffiti on Mohamed Mahmoud Street, Cairo taken in March 2012

Graffiti Tahrir 1

The Man Who Discovered Egypt. Behind the scenes on the shoot for our Petrie film (more info here).

Preparing to measure the pyramids with Magdy Rashidy during the 'Man Who Discovered Egypt' shoot, Jan 2012. Copyright BBC / Rob McDougall